Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara Review

Hello, everyone! As you can see from the title, today I’m going to be giving you a mini review about the ever so hyped-up Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. That was a lot of claim for Php149 mascara. But we’ll see as we put it to test.

I think Maybelline as a brand from the drugstore is amazing. I guess everyone and their mother has a Maybelline product on their makeup stash. It’s affordable, the quality is great and this brand is easy to find. Eye makeup products from Maybelline like their eyeliners, mascaras and their color tattoos (not a fan of their eyeshadow pallets) are definitely their best products for me.

For me, Maybelline mascaras always stood out of all the ones at the drugstore. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara is the cheapest out of all their mascaras. To give you a closer look, here is what the product looks like:

This is what the product looks like:


Product Details:

  • Weight – 8 ounces
  • Mascara wand has a curved bristle brush designed to help curl up the lashes.
  • It claims to be waterproof but I have not tested that out yet.
  • Price – Php149 – Php199

Here’s how it looks in the eyelashes:


This is how it looks in one coat. My lashes are naturally short and the mascara definitely gave it some length and volume but not very dramatic. I also used just a tiny bit on my bottom lashes. I don’t typically put mascara on my bottom lashes because I feel like it does not look flattering on me.


This is the second coat. My lashes looked a little longer and voluminous than with the first coat.


As you can see, the mascara definitely curled up my lashes. I did not even use a lash curler for this.


  1. Yes, it really does curl up my lashes even though I don’t use a lash curler.
  2. It does not transfer on my top lid nor smudge under my eyes. The formula is not extremely wet which is why it’s not smudgy.
  3. The lengthening effect is great. Although it does not extremely lengthen my lashes like other lengthening mascaras do, but for its price point, I think it’s doing a fairly good job.
  4. It does give my lashes volume without clumping.
  5. Extremely affordable and easy to find in the Philippines


  1. It can clump if you put more than two coats.
  2. Black is the only shade available. If you are looking for other color selection, this product is not one for you.

There you have it – that was my mini review on the Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof mascara. Let me know what’s your current favorite mascara from the drugstore and I’ll be sure to check them out. Thank you so much for reading this blog post. Please don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribe.









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