6 Natural Ways to Sleep Quicker and Deeper

Sleeping sounds like one of the most satisfying things to do in life in all honesty. However, for freelancers like me, sleeping early at night is such a mission. More often than not, I find it easier to fall asleep during the day which I’m not supposed but when bed time comes I’m wide awake and my head refuses to shut off.

Well, if you’re on the same page as me, these 5 natural hacks might do you a whole lot of good. These techniques may or may not work out for you but they have for me, at least.

Tip #1: Wake-up early to sleep earlier

One of the most effective ways to sleep quicker at night is to have your body get used to it. Set your alarm to go off earlier in the morning (I suggest 6:30am) and stick to it no matter what time you went to bed the night before. Your body will eventually adapt to waking up at your scheduled time and your sleeping time will adjust as well.

Tip #2: Work out

What better way to spend those early mornings than having a good old work out? Physical activities are proven ways to promote a better sleeping pattern. Waking up early and doing something that you will exert energy on is an effective way to make yourself crave sleep when bedtime strikes.

Tip #3: Avoid taking long naps during the day

Let’s admit it, daytime naps are so hard to resist. More often than not, we fall asleep effortlessly at daytime. However, do as much as you can to limit it for 30-40 minutes only. Having a long nap is one of the top reasons as to why most people find sleeping at night difficult.

Tip #4: Reduce caffeine intake

My day is never complete without my daily cup of Joe. It has been part of my daily routine to have some coffee as a kick start in the mornings. Having caffeinated drinks is completely fine if you keep it to a minimum. I also do not take coffee beyond 5pm too as I will surely be wide awake until half past midnight.

Tip #5: Avoid any gadgets an hour before your desired sleeping time

Probably the top reason why I am wide awake at night is that I have the internet at home. I’m pretty sure you too can relate to that. Sleeping at night when you have your phone or laptop in bed is like a hundred to one. Social media and any other forms of entertainment you find on the net will keep your senses awake therefore hindering you to fall asleep. Reading a book is a good alternative as long as it is not something that you are so engrossed with.

Tip #6: Take a relaxing bath

Having a bath is one great way to relax and turn-off one’s mind from whatever stress they’ve been through during the day. Stress, anxiety and over thinking are also big factors that keep us from falling asleep. Whenever I feel down or I just want to pamper myself at the end of a stressful day, having a bath is what I usually go for. I love incorporating lavender in my night time routine products because it helps me fall asleep faster. I love it on candles, bubble baths, teas, or on pillow sprays; it just instantly makes me feel drowsy.



I admit it will take some time for your body to get used to sleeping earlier at night through these techniques. If you want instant results, you may go to your physician and take some medication. I tried taking supplements and diphenhydramines, and sure their pretty effective but I wake up in the morning not feeling well-rested at all.



  1. Thank you for sharing! I definitely need to try some of these tips, especially avoiding gadgets before bed. I also find myself taking naps that end up throwing my whole sleep cycle off…probably because of the screen usage before bed!

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