About Me

Hi! I am Vanessa and welcome to my blog.

I started this blog mainly because I love writing my thoughts and I also find it satisfying to provide helpful information to my readers. In my blog, you will find out that I’m a sucker for anything beauty and lifestyle-related stuff. I’ll be doing a ton of beauty product reviews mainly products made in Asia because I’m a proud Asian woman.

I give my readers the guarantee of truthful and non-biased feedbacks in whatever posts I publish here in my blog. In the case of sponsored posts, do expect my honest and genuine take on the products I feature here on my blog. Moreover, I value 100% transparency; thus, I always tell my readers when a certain post is sponsored or not.

My journey in this blogging career may get all over the place at some point, but I am sure to keep the quality of my post as best as I can.

If you are a brand or a company that is interested in doing business with me, you may contact me via email at vanpliego@gmail.com.